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5 - Great Sites for Podcasters

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

One thing that I love about the podcast industry is the comradery that is shared. I often give advice

to folks who may be considered competition and I have received help from folks who may consider me the same.

If you go to any podcasting gathering you feel the vibe of community at every turn. I get a lot of podcast-related questions and thought it would be nice to share some of the places I go and people I follow to help both new podcasters and industry professionals get ahead or answer questions. 

Not only is Pacific Content the leader in the 'podcasts for brands' space, but they are also a group of smart, nice folks who give away their secrets via their blog. I am amazed at the stuff I have learned from reading it. Follow their blog as well as Steve Pratt and Dan Misner on social for updates and great tips. 

This site bills itself as, “A Showcase and Workshop for New Public Radio” What it is a place for all things audio storytelling. From technical suggestions to guides on storytelling, this site has some of the best information in the business. If you are an audio storyteller this site will make you very happy. 

Podcast Movement has done a great job creating a community that lives all year and not just at the yearly conference that I call the Superbowl of Podcasting. This group has folks from every level of podcasting asking and answering each other's questions. I go on to give help and have gotten help there as well. This is an especially good spot if you are brand new to podcasting. 

Simplecast is an RSS feed provider that strives to make hosting easy for the new podcaster as well as provide great metrics and a home for seasoned shows as well. I like their blog because not only do they give killer advice, but there are also articles about legal issues that podcasters face. Their COO Janine Wright Percival is a former lawyer and is an amazing resource for legal questions. 

Not only does NPR make some of the best podcasts in the world, they also give away a lot of their tips and secrets on their training site. If you want to learn how to make beautiful podcasts, this is a great place to spend some time. 


Matty Staudt is the former Director of Content at Stitcher, VP of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio and now President of Jam Street Media in Los Angeles. Follow him @mattystaudt on social or email

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