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Jam Street Media was founded in mid 2019 to make premium podcasts for brands and businesses. 


Our talented team has launched over 300 podcasts that generate millions of downloads, and we are here to make that happen for you.


We'll help you execute that dream and promote it to the right audience after we make sure it hits Matty's Three E's for Podcasting™️.

You only get one chance to make an incredible podcast. We're going to make it count.

Meet The Team


Matty Staudt


Matty Staudt has been in broadcasting since he cracked a mic at the age of 16 in his hometown of Keyser, West Virginia. During his radio career, he has been an on-air host, morning show lead and Executive Producer at such legendary stations as...

Rudy Salo


Rudy S. Salo is an infrastructure finance attorney at an international law firm, public speaker, writer, podcaster and contributor. Rudy is a self-professed transportation geek well-versed in both the financial and policy spheres of the transportation industry and is assisting Jam Street Media in navigating the local government and mobility/transportation sectors.


Casey Franco

Head of Production

For the last 8 years, Casey has been impacting the audio and video production industries. What started as a hobby making videos for local business owners and authors in his hometown of Turlock, CA eventually blossomed into a career in media production in... more


Charlene Goto


Charlene Goto is a Bay Area native and has been working in market 4 San Francisco since 2002. A Television & Radio graduate of San Francisco State University, she got her start in broadcasting as a Production Assistant for the cable channel TechTV, while also working on the award-nominated programs  CyberCrime & Tech Live...

Joe Stone

Head of Audience Development

Joe has worked for a variety of different brands and agencies building out their digital presence and marketing strategy since 2012. He began his professional and corporate career after serving 15 globe-trotting years in the United States Army...

Matty's Three E's

of Podcasting


Great podcasts evoke empathy. More than any other medium, podcasts generate shared experiences and emotions. When a person listens to a moving podcast, they are transported to the world that the creator paints for them with their words. Sharing a company or brand’s core values with the world is the cornerstone of our work.


Podcasts are great teachers. When a person gets done listening to an amazing podcast, they leave a little more informed. They can also find out more about a brand through the stories their favorite podcasts tell.


At the end of the day, podcasts have to entertain listeners. They should be fun and groundbreaking in their sound. Entertaining both hardcore listeners and newbies is vital for the growth and overall reach of the podcast. Keep in mind who your audience is. Is this entertaining to them or just you? 


Find out how Jam Street Media can help you.