Joe Stone

Head of Audience Development

Podcasts have a unique way of providing value and building trust in ways that no other medium can. I'm excited to be able to help brands reach those people.

-Joe Stone

Since 2012, Joe has worked for a variety of different brands and agencies, building out their digital presence and marketing strategy.


He began his professional career serving 15 globe-trotting years in the United States Army, where he excelled in leadership roles. Taking the initiative was essential, as well as engaging in active and efficient communication, coordination, and management.


After leaving the Army in 2012, Joe began volunteering for several different organizations. He led a city neighborhood watch program and a local VFW Post and was a founding member and communications director of a veteran-led non-profit. He also started a promotional marketing business and wrote for an international news company.


In late 2016, he took a break from his projects and began attending the Academy of Art University online. His full-time studies in the Communications and Media Technology B.A. program included work in video and audio production, short-form writing, and performing on camera. He put extra emphasis on podcasting, web design, and social media marketing to round out his diverse skill set

While attending the university online, he volunteered with their radio station Urban Knights Radio taking on the role of Communications Director, redesigning their website and managing their social media. At the same time, he began remotely producing a weekly music radio show that plays during an afternoon drive time three days a week. 


At the 2019 Spring Show for the Academy of Art University, he was given the “Urban Knights Radio” award for his contributions to the program. 


Before graduating in 2019, he joined Matty and Casey in launching Jam Street Media. 

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