The Three E’s Of Podcasting

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Why do people love podcasts so much?

What makes a great podcast?

These are the questions I get most often when I meet with people who are new to podcasting. My answer invariably is that it comes down to what I like to call “The Three E’s of Podcasting”

Empathy: Podcasts should inspire shared experiences

More than any other medium, podcast content builds empathy between the host and the audience. When a listener hears a compelling podcast they are transported to the creator’s world with their “word pictures”. Bringing a company’s core values and vision to life is the cornerstone of Jam Street Media.

Education: Podcasts are great teachers.

Captivating podcasts should leave the listener a little more informed about a topic and eager to learn more. Strong content also increases audience recognition of the company’s brand through the podcast’s stories.

Entertainment: Podcasts must be entertaining.

Podcasts should be engaging, fun, and groundbreaking in their storytelling. Striving to entertain both podcast fanatics and first-timers is vital for the growth and overall reach for a podcast.

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