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The Big Swing’s Saturday Rewind

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

It’s time for another Saturday Rewind with guys from The Big Swing.

This week features a throwback interview with Sportsnet LA reporter, Alanna Rizzo. Having worked with the Dodgers for the last seven years, Rizzo has special insight into the everyday life of the organization. Aside from interviewing the manager and the players during the game, she hosts the Backstage Dodgers segments on the network.

With Backstage Dodgers she can give us a more human look at who the players are on and off the field, and walk us through the feelings they may have had during those big moments.

Sometimes those big moments aren’t necessarily good ones. Rizzo talks about the frustration she feels when the world of social media shows no mercy to the players and their mistakes.

Rizzo explained that while she is a reporter she is an employee of the Dodgers Organization, and she has no tolerance for out-of-pocket commentary on Twitter.

The block feature is her friend.

On a less serious note, Rizzo talks about her favorite moments as a reporter and how navigates the postgame interview including avoiding the iconic Gatorade bath.

It’s not all walk-offs and Gatorade baths when it comes to working as a reporter in any sport. It does take a lot of sacrifices to do what she does. While you witness these big moments in sports history, you may be missing the smaller ones in your personal life.

She jokes, “I am contractually obligated to be perpetually tired.”

To here the full interview, click here.

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