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The Big Swing hits 100 Episodes

We look back at the past two years of The Big Swing with Strip and Coop’s favorite moment.

On a normal January day in 2019, Cooper Surles joined MLB pitcher Ross Stripling in his apartment to record the first episode of The Big Swing podcast.

Surrounded by moving boxes that doubled as make-shift chairs, they set forth on their new podcasting journey with a conversation about the 2019 Super Bowl, Houston Rockets’ James Harden, and what we can expect from their new endeavour.

Now, 99 episodes later we are far from the humble beginnings in which they began. In the almost two years, the two have hosted an array of incredible guest from NFL athletes, to MLB superstars, broadcasting greats, and even a former Ms. Puerto Rico.

The show has become a favorite amongst Dodger fans (Strips former team,) and sits atop of the podcasting charts for sports and baseball.

The two podcast compadres have grown their fan base of “Swingers,” and have created a space for listeners to gain a unique perspective into the world of sports and pop culture.

There are many great moments that come to mind over the last 100 episodes, but there are a few that stand out as the most memorable.

The first, of course, being the bombshell interview Strip and Coop had with Strip’s former teammate Joe Kelly, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It was the duo’s first exclusive interview, and the first interview Kelly had since his controversial 8-game suspension. To say it was a bombshell of a sit down would be an understatement.

Kelly held nothing back when it came to his opinion on not just his suspension, but the Astros and how the MLB handled their cheating scandal.

As jaw-dropping as the moment was, it was also refreshing to hear an honest opinion of the MLB as an organization straight from someone right in the thick of it.

As we continued down the list of superstar-athlete interviews, from Cody Bellinger to Mike Evans, and even NBA Champion Danny Green, the next favorite comes from inside the broadcast booth.

Way back in the normal days of 2019, Fox Sports and Dodgers’ play-by-play announcer Joe Davis joined the guys to talk about his journey to the booth.

From the age of 10, being a sports announcer was something he always wanted to do. After dedicating his life and education to this dream, Davis got his break with ESPN. He later moved over to Fox Sports, to which he still announces baseball games today, but maybe one his most pivotal career moments was getting the chance to continue the legacy of Vin Scully as the voice of Dodger Baseball.

While Vin Scully’s voice will echo the halls of Dodger Stadium for a lifetime, there’s a new generation of Dodger fans who have a chance to grow up and be inspired by a new voice in Joe Davis.

As we wrap-up this look back at Strip and Coop’s favorite interviews over these last two years, one more came to mind. This time with Portland Trailblazer, CJ McCollum.

The three discussed McCollum's journey to the NBA and what it looks like when everything you’ve worked toward finally pays off. But what happens when it feels like it’s slipping away?

McCollum discussed the support system around him that really helped push him through the hard times of his career.

Again, there are many memorable interviews and guests that have come one the show. It really is hard to just pick only a few.

But the memories don’t stop with the guest. The guys have had their own special, and monumental moments on the show.

From the jolting moment that Strip was traded to Toronto, to Coop rolling solo for a little bit, and finally the announcement of baby Stripling.

The two say that they have enjoyed learning and growing the show with one another, and are happy that they have been able to grow their “Swingers” fan base to keep them coming back for more.

The 100th episode is out now, and be sure to listen all the way from the beginning anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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