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Jam Street Media Weekly Update

Weekly Update- Sept 28, 2020

Jam Street Media Spotlight

Former MLB pitcher Brett Tomko, from Bleav in Dodgers podcast, joined The Big Swing and Jam Street Media as a guest host.

If there was one thing that Tomko got really familiar with during his time in the majors, it was getting traded. Through his 14-year career he played for 12 teams some of which included the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, and the Seattle Mariners. This week he is joining Coop, and The Big Swing, as a guest host to talk about what his career was really like being on so many different teams. Sticking with the topic of baseball, the guys then discussed the MLB playoffs, and who the favorite is to win it all. *cough cough Dodgers cough*

Listen to this sneak peek of the special episode featuring guest host, Brett Tomko, and Cooper Surles. Catch up on this episode and more of The Big Swing with Strip and Coop here.

Back in July, Strip headed over to the Bleav in Dodger podcast to talk about all things Dodgers and baseball. So head on over there to hear him chop it up with "The Dugout Dudes" Tomko and Josh Luke.

Appalachian Mysteria

The Appalachian Mountains are far more than just beautiful landscapes and winding trails. There are stories that can be told there, both gruesome and chilling. In the new podcast, Appalachian Mysteria, we dive into some of the most bone-chilling murders and mysteries to happen in the area. First, we learn of the horrendous happenings surrounding Mared and Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. Check out the trailer for that story down below, and trust us when we say never will you get chills faster than in these next 30 seconds.

In season two, we dive into Big Savage: The Death of Alexander Stevens for a story that will have you questioning how one human can do that to another. The release of season three is coming soon, and it might just have you losing your head, so catch up on the first two seasons of Appalachian Mysteria anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Let's Get Into Entertainment

It's Mark, Tuddy and Davey Dave for last weeks podcast. This dynamic trio was finally back with some sage advice for all you creatives, and filmmakers out there.

Some may say money can't by you happiness, or class, but it sure as heck makes your life a lot easier. So in the world of filmmaking it's not just about how you get paid, but what you're getting paid. Using Tuddy's independent film Made in Mexico, the guys really help you out with setting realistic expectations of how to put money into your pockets. Sometimes the ugly truth can set you up for a beautiful future, but at the end of the day Hollywood is a business and projects die if you can’t look forward. Listen here for the money moving secrets, and advice.

Big things are happening this fall. So, stay up to date on the latest from Jam Street Media. Follow us on social media for news about new launches, new episodes, and great content.

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