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Weekly Update - October 12, 2020

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

Big things for The Big Swing this week. They had the No.1 Cornhole player on the show and a huge message from Ross.

Hey Swingers, Ross is back and is here to stay! He's rejoining Coop and The Big Swing to bring you amazing content, and awesome special guests. So, Coop wrapped up his

solo gig with Jamie Graham, the current cornhole world champion. (Yes, that is a thing.) Jamie first played the game of cornhole in his backyard at the age of 15, and two years later he turned pro. Now, at the ripe age of 22 he sits a top of the backyard sport. He and Coop take a journey down memory lane, and discuss his journey to the top.

Listen to the full episode here, and get ready to have your dynamic duo back.

Let's Get Into Entertainment

An uplifting episode about success, and all the small victories that come along the way.

Last week we got to learn about success, and all the different colors it may come in. You're successes can not be compared to another's, because they are truly your own. This concept is reflected in the discussion the guys have with their guest, Marco Santiago, about his journey up the entertainment ladder. We also get to hear a bit of Mark's story, and how he got his Netflix project, Water and Power, completed.

Listen here, and be inspired. Because, let's be honest, we can all use a bit of that in 2020.

Appalachian Mysteria

Last week we focused on the discovery of Mared and Karen's bodies, in the episode titled "88 Days Later." Authorities received a mystery letter with turn-by-turn directions to where the bodies of Mared and Karen had been left. But despite following them perfectly, when they arrived at the wooded forest they discovered nothing. However, the search for the young girls would continue in the general area of where Mared's purse had been found in the weeks prior.

Hundreds were involved with the search, and as the day's past by numerous personal effects would be found. Yet, still, the bodies remained missing. Things would take an eerie turn in the case, with more letters being sent to more people and a mysterious phone call to Mared's roommate. None of which would bring us any closer to finding the bodies. With each lead falling flat, the pressure to find the girls was building. Just as the seasons in the Appalachian Mountains were changing, a break came in the case. Exactly 88 days from the disappearance, the bodies were found 30 feet apart. They were decomposed, buried under shrubbery, and headless. Now, with the search for the bodies over, the search for the killer was on. Find out more about the events that surrounded the discovery of Mared and Karen, and what happened as the case continued forward, anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Things keep getting stranger...

Bodies seem to be losing their heads all over the Appalachian Mountains. The release of season three is coming soon, and it might just have you losing your head as well. So catch up on the first two seasons of Appalachian Mysteria anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Big things are happening this fall. So, stay up to date on the latest from Jam Street Media. Follow us on social media for news about new launches, new episodes, and great content.

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