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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Weekly Update- Sept 21, 2020

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Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco wraps season one with stories about dealing with Hollywood.

The season finale of Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco became available last week, and everything really came full circle. Leo and Joe reminisced about when Donnie Brasco went to Hollywood. From the inception of his book to being recognized in the old neighborhood while on a location scout, there are quite a few stories that'll have your wheels turning. Joe also settled a very important question for Leo, "Who is worse Hollywood-types or wise-guys?" The answer might surprise you, well, giving what you might know about Hollywood maybe it won't.

While Donnie Brasco's story may be over, Joe Pistone's is not. Get a sneak peek of season two at the end of the finale. We heard about his time with the mob, next we hear about more of his undercover work not just here in America but overseas.

Catch up on all of season one now.

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

It was a jam-packed episode of The Big Swing this week that gave us everything from NFL takes, favorite moments from the show, and even a new segment from Ross Stripling. We got a very opinionated Cooper Surles with his take on week one of the NFL season. He makes his way-too-early Super Bowl prediction, expresses his continued frustration with his favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys, and makes a jaw-dropping statement about the greatest quarterback of all-time -- Tom Brady.

Take Text from Ross, a new segment for The Big Swing, let's us feel like a little part of him his still with us while he's trying to push into the playoffs with his new team. This week's take text has to do with Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard. Considering what we know about the NBA playoffs, that take didn't age well. But, you're still going to want to hear Coop's breakdown and rebuttal to this week's Take Text from Ross. Catch up on everything Big Swing podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Let's Get Into Entertainment

Tuddy is finally back after a few weeks off! He and Mark are joined by Executive Vice President of VMR Jeff Stearns for an incredible talk on self-mining for content.

From landing major roles as a young adult to running one of the most prominent production companies in the business, his career has had some great twists and turns.

Jeff also lets us in on some of the tragedies he has faced his life, and how out of that came some of the best work that he has ever done. This is the episode for all you out there that's looking into getting your project funded. Listen here now.

The Appalachian Mountains are far more than just beautiful landscapes and winding trails. There are stories that can be told there, both gruesome and chilling. In the new podcast, Appalachian Mysteria, we dive into some of the most bone-chilling murders and mysteries to happen in the area. First, we learn of the horrendous happenings surrounding Mared and Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. In season two, we dive into Big Savage: The Death of Alexander Stevens for a story that will have you thinking you've just watched an episode of Criminal Minds. Season three is coming, so catch up on the first two seasons of Appalachian Mysteria anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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