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Weekly Update- Sept 7, 2020

Jam Street Media Spotlight

Only one more week until the season finale of Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco, and we are getting more to the story than we ever thought there was. From getting in good with the mob to having a contract put out on him Joe's time as Donnie Brasco has been riveting to say the least. Just when you thought things couldn't get any more interesting, they do.

Last week, on part two of a special two-part episode, Joe and Leo continued to discuss all the dangerous close-calls Joe faced while under with the mob. From wearing a wire, to dealings with shady doctors, and to actually getting to know the men behind the "wise-guy" personas. Lines can get blurred, and it's a wonder how Joe came out on the other end of it. Listen to a sneak peak of part two now, and don't forget to catch up all the compelling stories before the season finale now.

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

There was some big changes for The Big Swing this week but nothing is gonna stop the guys for delivering an awesome show for you.

With Ross taking the week off, Cooper went solo for this episode with special guest Scott Kazmir. The all-star pitcher took a walk down the memory lane that is his career; from being drafted in 2002 to the New York Mets, to playing for Tampa Bay Rays, making the rounds around the league, and even playing for his new team in the Constellation Energy League. As he looks back, he recalls the one team that had envisioned of always playing for.

Listen to the sneak peak of the latest episode below, and catch up on everything Big Swing Podcast anywhere you listen to podcast.

Let's Get Into Entertainment

Navigating the world of social media is one of the most mounting task facing any business in any industry. This week, Mark tackles that task with the help of is guest Charlie “Chuck” Windisch-Graetz, managing partner at C4 Global Communications. They discuss the evolution of advertising, and how it has become the online machine it is now. Chuck also tells us what is was like watching his mother become the west coast editor of Vanity Fair, and about his time working for The New Yorker and Tina Brown. You'd be surprised at how his past experiences can help explain what you realistically have to do when it comes to your social media strategy. Take listen here.

The Appalachian Mountains are far more than just beautiful landscape and winding trails. There's stories that can be told there, both gruesome and chilling. In the new podcast, Appalachian Mysteria, we dive into some of the most bone-chilling murders and mysteries to happen in the area. First, we learn of the horrendous happenings surrounding Mared and Karen: The WVU Coed Murders . In season two, we dive into Big Savage: The Death of Alexander Stevens for a story that will have you thinking you've just watched an episode of Criminal Minds. Season three is coming, so catch up on the first two seasons of Appalachian Mysteria anywhere you listen to podcast.

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