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Weekly Update- Aug. 31, 2020

Jam Street Media Spotlight

Last week, we wrapped season two of Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee and oh what a journey it has been. Things for the show came full circle with a special guest, Vanessa's partner, Rotimi, joining her for a conversation about inferiority complexes. The two get honest about why they have felt this in the past, and about how eventually they were able to overcome that mind set. To which Rotimi credits advice he was given by 50 cent.

In true Vanessa Mdee fashion, she finishes this season with an honest, raw conversation. Through the entirety of the show, she has let you into the true world that it is hers, so that you may better understand her journey, and how we got to where we are with her today.

So, if you took a detour, or pit-stop, during the incredibly emotional adventure that was Deep Dive be sure to catch up on the finale and the entire season right now. Here is a special sneak peak of the finale, and don't forget to keep an eye for an even more incredible season three.

Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco

With only three weeks left until the season finale of Deep Cover, Joe Pistone and Leo Rossi get deeper into the stories that you didn't hear about throughout the Donnie Brasco operation. In part one of this two part episode, we hear stories that will have you question just how Joe made it out of there alive. From the pressures of wearing a wire around a bunch of wise guys, to sharing an apartment with Sonny Black the stories within the story will continue to amaze you. Check out the sneak peak of the first part of another great two part episode below.

Get ready for the season finale, and binge all of season one. Relive the shocking true story of the real Donnie Brasco, and get inside what life in the mob is really like.

Listen here now.

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

Last week, Strip and Coop talked football with Jacksonville Jaguars' kicker Josh Lambo. The three get into one of the most-higher pressure, yet under rated positions in the NFL. Josh tells about the mental preparation that it takes to play in that position, and what it was like playing with Johnny Manziel during his time at Texas A&M.

We get into some Dodger talk as well! With the MLB trade deadline set for August 31st, Ross gave us his take on what moves the Dodgers might make as they sit atop of the MLB standings.

Listen to the sneak peak of the latest episode below, and catch up on everything Big Swing Podcast anywhere you listen to podcast.

Let's Get Into Entertainment

Emmy Award winning producer, and writer, Peter Murrieta joins Mark and Rod for an insightful episode of authenticity while working in Hollywood. From spearheading shows like Wizards of Waverly place to producing Mr. Iglesias, Peter talks about what motivated him in his journey, and people who gave him the extra push along the way. Who knows, maybe Peter's story will inspire you much like the ones that inspired him.

Take listen here.

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