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Weekly Update - Feb 8, 2021

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

MLB season just right around the corner Strip and Coop talked about the red-hot offseason from free agency to the length of schedule. We get a player's perspective on why the MLB Players Association decided to vote no on the 154-game season.

From expanded playoffs, to not having the universal designated hitter come back, to no player protection if the season can’t be played in full, the two sides were just unable to come to an agreement. Something that is all too familiar to the guys, and baseball fans around the country.

The conversation shifted from the MLB to the NFL with Strip and Coop throwing down their picks for Super Bowl Champion.

While Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reigned supreme, it’s still fun to see who got it right from the jump.

Click here to listen to more of the guys’ super bowl picks and MLB offseason thoughts.

Appalachian Mysteria

The special two-part episode of Appalachian Mysteria wrapped last week with insight on the making of season and what’s soon to come in season three.

Guided through the episode by the President of Jam Street Media, Matty Staudt, we continued to find out more about Sarah and Kendall and how they stumbled upon the subjects of Big Savage: The Death of Alexander Stevens.

The two gave us insight on what made season two so different then the first, and walked us through some of the obstacles they had to overcome in order to be true to the entire story.

When doing their own research into the murder, they were stonewalled local authorities when their request for critical 9-1-1 tapes were denied.

Listen here to learn more about the creators of Appalachian Mystery, and their journey creating each season. Plus, they give you a tease about what is to come in season three.

Let’s Get Into Entertainment

Last week Mark, Tuddy and Davey Dave were joined by former celebrity security guard, and current producer & actor, Steve Stanulis . Stanulis explained his crazy story of how he became one of Leonardo DiCaprio security guards in the late 90s. Plus, we heard about his strengths and weaknesses are in the business and how important it is to know your limits

Listen here for the full interview.

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