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Weekly Update - Jan 25, 2021

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

It was a jam packed week for the guys at The Big Swing. First, they were joined by Houston Rockets’ court-side reporter, Cayleigh Griffin, to discuss the drama surrounding the James Harden trade with the Brooklyn Nets.

From the rumors swirling around the league, to Harden’s comments, to the contentious nature inside of the locker room, Griffin breaks down the events that led to the eventual departure of the Rockets' superstar.

Later in the week, Strip and Coop graced us with another “Saturday Rewind’ featuring former LA Dodgers’ pitcher Rich Hill.

A true baseball journeyman, Hill talked with the guys about how he continuously had to persevere throughout his career. Whether it was in the minors, or the majors, Hill always had to bet on himself.

He also touched on his foundation, Field of Genes, and the emotional inspiration behind its story.

Listen here for the full episode with Griffin and to catch-up in the conversation with Hill.

Let’s Get Into Entertainment

Mark and Tuddy were joined by founder and CEO of Buffalo 8 and BondIt Media Capital, Matthew Helderman. With two companies, Helderman can do it all. Whether it is production, distribution, and even providing capital, if he sees an opportunity he's on it. He also discusses what genres they are looking for and what his company is looking to get into next.

Listen here for the full interview.

Appalachian Mysteria

Last week, we got to meet the minds behind the hit true-crime podcast Appalachian Mysteria. In a special two-part episode, J. Kendall Perkinson and Sarah James McLaughlin sat down with the president of Jam Street Media, Matty Staudt, to discuss their backgrounds, how they got into podcasting, details about each case and what went into bringing each of these stories to life.

In part one, Perkinson and McLaughlin discussed the inception of season one The WVU Coed Murders, and how they heard about the story of Mared and Karen.

The two podcasting newbies were able to effectively tell the story of Mared and Karen,

Stay tuned! Part two of the special two-part interview is set to release Thursday, Feb. 4th, and focus on Big Savage: The Death of Alexander Stevens.

Click here to learn more about Perkinson and McLaughlin journey to creating Appalachian Mysteria.

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