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Weekly Update - Dec.21, 2020

Christmas with the mafia, Blue Jays' Bo Bichette, and the editor for the hit show Narcos: Mexico. All that and more for this week's Jam Street Media Update.

Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco

Joe Pistone and Leo Rossi sent us an early holiday treat last week, with a brand new two-part bonus episode.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend Christmas with a mobster? Well, Joe tells you what it was like to spend not just one but six Christmas’ with the mafia. While crime never sleeps, sometimes it does relax.

For the mob, holidays were their quiet season. The robbing, highjacking, and what you would consider “hard crimes” took a back seat to spend time with the family. From the kids to the wives, and even the girlfriends time is spent with everyone. It’s as if they were all just your typical American Family.

But hey, forget about that! This is the mob we are talking about here; something always has to go down with them, especially when you have Lefty Ruggiero around.

Listen below to hear about how a rented car led to a hot wire and stolen Christmas presents.

To listen to special two-part Christmas episode, click here.

Between Us with John Roa

From Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the 1980s’ to dominating performances by Michael Jordan in the 90s and Kobe Bryant in the 2000s to the greats of today like Steph Curry and Lebron James, Andy Bernstein has captured it all.

The iconic sports photographer joined John Roa last week to talk about how it was to not only have witnessed some of the most iconic moments in history but to have galvanized those moments for others to enjoy.

During the conversation, he recalled the amount of NBA photos he’s taken, which he believes is upwards of a million. He also recalled the moment he met a spry 17-year-old basketball player by the name of Kobe Bryant.

They also turned the conversation toward a discussion about new beginnings, with Bernstein reflecting on his contentious divorce, getting clean, and how the roads led to where he is now.

Listen here now.

The Big Swing Podcast

Last week, Strip and Coop were joined by Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette. With the 2021 season in sight, the trio discussed the MLB free agency and what players he’d like to add to this already young, talented roster of guys.

Plus, it was time for another Saturday Rewind! The guys revisited one of the early episodes of The Big Swing, which featured SportsNet LA reporter Alana Rizzo.

Rizzo has been the reporter for the Dodgers for years now and has become a household name amongst LA fans. But the journey there wasn’t so easy. She talks about how hard she had to work as a woman in the media, and the sacrifices that she made along the way.

Listen here now.

Let’s Get Into Entertainment

Joaquin Elizondo, editor for the hit show Narcos: Mexico, joined Mark and Tuddy for a conversation about the art of editing for TV. They discuss Elizondo journey of how he got into the business of editing, and how it led him to settle in Los Angeles.

Listen to the full interview here.

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