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Weekly Update - Dec.14, 2020

Last week we got a look at the world of faith-based entertainment, and learned about how far the power of positivity can actually go. Plus, Joe Davis returned to catch us up on how he's been doing.

The Big Swing

Strip and Coop were joined by sportscasting great Joe Davis. He returned to the show to discuss what’s going on in his career now that sports are back in full swing. From college football to the NFL and even random college basketball games, Davis is traveling all over the western seaboard to be on the broadcast of these sporting events. It’s a hectic life that he lives, having to do upwards of four games in a week.

Of course, having to tackle so many games from so many different sports, the preparation for them is always key.

For Davis, if given only 24 hours to prepare, his focus will always be on memorizing the names and numbers of the players.

Just imagine having to memorize all the personnel for an NFL or college football team. Yes it’s a lot, but luckily for Joe he has his dad as his spotter for his NFL broadcasts.

We also got to hear about how COVID has changed the way he does his job, and the effects of having no fans in the stands.

For a sports junkie, or broadcasting hopeful, this episode gives you the lessons you need to know if you want to make it as an announcer.

Between Us with John Roa

Can anyone be a genius? That was the question, and title, of last week’s Between Us.

John Roa was joined by sports mental coach and mind-body consultant for the NBA, Laura M. Wilde who believes that you need both your nature and nurturing to unlock your genius potential.

As a mind-body consultant she works with athletes to help them discover their true potential, and reach beyond the greatest they have already achieved.

As an athlete herself for most of her life, she always knew there was a gap between where she was and where she could be. Having felt a lack of support from her coaches, she took it upon herself to go through her own mental practice.

She began reading a lot about the power of positivity, and expanded on it during her conversation with Roa about how far it can actually take you.

Listen to more of the enlightening conversation here.

Let’s Get Into Entertainment

When faith and entertainment collide you’re bound to run past director, producer, and pastor Lucas Miles.

Last week, Miles got into the best practices of making faith-based films with host Mark and Tuddy.

It’s not that different from preparing for a secular movie. You still have budgeting, casting, and everything in between. However, for these films it’s important to keep the faith at the forefront of its messaging.

Listen here to learn more about Miles and faith-based entertainment.

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