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Weekly Update - Nov. 23, 2020

Last week, we learned winning isn’t everything, prison is still somewhere you never want to end up, and we saw enemies become friends. All this, while being graced with the sweet sounds of Keyon Harrold.

Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco

Leo Ross and Joe Pistone gave us an early Thanksgiving treat last week with another bonus episode.

Throughout season one, Joe has shown us what the life of a criminal is like before they get shipped off to the big house. On the flipside, Joseph Woodring, their guest for the bonus episode, gave us an inside look at what happens once they’ve moved into their new digs.

Woodring has spent decades in the prison system working his way up the ladder from correction officer to warden. From federal to private and even international prisons, Woodring has been around some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. He’s even crossed paths with some of the same wise guys as Joe.

It’s not an easy job, but through his career, he has been able to gain the respect of everyone inside his prisons. Even the convicts.

Aside from stories from inside the American prison system, he tells us one about his time overseas.

Toward the end of his career, he took a job in Iraq where he taught the guards the basics of human rights.

The experience was interesting for sure. In fact, when he got there and was given a tour, and was shown the cell where Sudan Hessian was kept. They even showed him where the execution took place, with the rope still intact.

He had a long illustrious career, and it shows us that not all we see in movies is real. Whether it’s the life of an undercover agent, or about life behind bars, truth willalways be stranger than fiction.

Listen here for more of Deep Cover’s first ever interview, featuring Joseph Woodring. Don’t forget to catch up on season one!

Between Us with John Roa

Back in the early days of Covid, John Roa sat down with world-renowned saxophonist Keyon Harrold.

The two discussed the two pandemics running rampant in this country, Covid-19, and racial injustice.

We all can remember the outcry, and emotions, that followed the untimely death of George Floyd. For some, however, it may still be hard to understand why so many people of color feel the anger that they do.

The conversation that Roa has with Harrold may give you a better understanding.

He let us in on what life was like for him growing up as a black man in Ferguson, and how he now talks to his son about racism in our country.

Later on, they took to the empty streets of Soho, NYC and Harrold shared with us his gift of music— in the most New York way possible.

Be sure to catch up on both of last week’s episodes of Between US featuring Keyon Harrold

The Big Swing

Things can get interesting when rivals suddenly have to become allies. That’s exactly what happened with Strip and last week’s guest, Blue Jays Pitcher, Robbie Ray.

Strip’s new teammate joined the guys to discuss what he thought of when he found out that he was going to be sitting next to an old foe in his new bullpen.

The history between the two goes back to their days on their old clubs. With Strip on the Dodgers and Ray on the Diamondbacks the two would face off multiple times a year, and things between the two teams weren’t always civil.

And could you imagine having to sit next to your old division rival on a five-hour plane ride?! Awkward…

Now, that’s the past and the two continue to move forward on their new Canadian adventure as teammates.

Ray even gives Strip some much-needed baby advice too, as he is set to embark on another new adventure- fatherhood.

Be sure to check out the full interview anywherer you listen to podcast.

Let’s Get Into Entertainment

Gaining notoriety and winning awards for your films is every filmmaker’s dream.

Well, it’s easier than you think to turn those dreams into reality, at least according to last week’s guest.

Michelle Koshman, Chief Creative Officer of AMB Publicity, joined the guys for a lesson on awards.

In her opinion, you should always push to be considered for an award because whether you win or lose there is value in a nomination alone.

It can give you publicity, legitimacy, and an element of power in the industry.

It really plays off the idea that all press is good press, and Koshman also gets into the marketing benefits that can accompany being affiliated with award shows.

It’s an interesting perspective to have about notoriety in the entertainment industry and kind of makes you rethink some of the goals you set for yourself along the way.

Listen here for the full epsiode.

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