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Weekly Update - Nov. 16, 2020

Last week we expanded the universe with Paulina Chávez, hit rewind with the guys from The Big Swing, and had a talk with a billionaire. Yes, we said billionaire-- with a "B."

Have you ever wanted to get inside a billionaire's head? On the latest episode of Between Us with John Roa, David Rubenstein joined Roa for an insightful conversation about what is actually important in building your success.

Some of us can agree that on our journey to the top of the mountain we consider success, we tend to let things fall by the wayside.

He stresses the idea of our legacies, and how personal investments in family, philanthropy, or in things that truly make us happy are just as important as the monetary investments.

Rubenstein also gave an interesting perspective on the type of people who can climb to the top of the success ladder.

It’s a nice tidbit that can give you hope in knowing that you don’t have to be an ivy league, rhode scholar, over-achieving intellectual to be a part of the billionaires club. In fact, sometimes it just takes hard-work, dedication and a bit of elbow grease to be seen as the person who can build an empire.

Listen here for the full episode.

Strip and Coop had a first time swinger on the show last week— former NFL Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez - Former NFL Quarterback - ESPN College Football Analyst

When he’s not singing behind a mask on national television, Sanchez spends the weekends as an ESPN College Football analyst. The current season of college football has been hectic to say the least. With the postponement of the season, and the numerous missed games, it’s a wonder how the season will finish fairly.

Sanchez’s thought— expand the playoffs. Which, of course, they didn’t do.

They three don’t stop at just CFL, but move on to discuss the NFL as well.

In most recent history, Sanchez has been one of the more successful quarterbacks of the New York Jets. He took them to back-to-back AFC Championships in 2009 and 2010. But those are the Jets of yesteryear, as the team currently stands winless in the season and are poised for that number one pick in the next draft.

Queue Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawerence.

As the presumptive number one pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, Sanchez talks about whether Lawerence is going to land with his old team and take them out of their current losing situation. Listen here for the full interview.

It was a double-shot of The Big Swing this week with another “Saturday Rewind.”

This week’s rewind features Los Angeles Dodgers’ ace, Clayton Kershaw.

LA Dodgers' pitcher Clayton Kershaw on The Big Swing with Strip and Coop Saturday Rewind

Back in June, Kershaw joined the guys to talk about what was a postponed 2020 MLB season, how training during COVID was going.

Listen here for the rewind.

Last week, Mark and Tuddy were joined by up and coming actress Pauliná Chavez.

When she’s not working on set in projects like The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, or spreading the joys of Christmas with her newest role in the new movie Feliz NaviDAD, Chávez loves to be a creator.

She talked with the guys about what she loves to do outside the world of acting. Of course, they also discuss how she got her start in Hollywood, what it was like stepping into the Netflix building, and the feelings she felt seeing herself on a Time Square billboard.

Listen here for more with Paulina Chávez.

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