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Jam Street Media Weekly Update

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Weekly Update - Nov. 2, 2020

It was a jam-packed, exciting week at Jam Street Media. We added new shows, created great bonus content and celebrated Tuddy's new film.

Last week, Jam Street Media added Between Us with John Roa to our slate of shows.

Formerly known as The John Roa Show, Between Us features talks with some of the most interesting and successful people in the game. Together, Roa and his guest talk about the journey behind their successes. It wasn’t as smooth as some may think, as cliche as it may sound, it does take some blood, sweat, tears and the occasional mental breakdown.

In the premiere episode, Roa welcomed Dr. Drew Pinsky to the show. You may know Dr. Drew from his days on Loveline and Celebrity Rehab, but now we hear about his untold story of the childhood that shaped who he is today. He discusses how he took his unique perspective and created a media empire in the “Wild West” of the '90s dot-com boom.

Click here for the full episode, and be sure to check for new content every Tuesday anywhere you listen to podcasts.

We were in for a massive treat last week with the guys from Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco. Leo Rossi and Joe Pistone sat down with the president and founder of Jam Street Media, Matty Staudt. The three got together for a little get to know me session. From Leo's old radio days, to Joe's peccadillos, we get to find out that the three have more in common than they realized. It's just three Italians being the animated Italians that they are, and it's just so good to hear their voices once again.

Listen here for the full episodes, and be sure to follow up on twitter for updates on season two.

Remember that time Danny Green came on the show and the guys talked about making Los Angeles a title town? Well, on the heels of a Dodgers’ World Series win, Green has returned to the podcast to talk about the championship win by the Lakers, and

what life has been like since the bursting out of the NBA bubble. The road to a championship was not easy, for either team, and Green talks about why out of his three championships this one was the toughest. After the long fought road, we can finally say that Los Angeles is a title town, and Strip got his World Series Ring! Listen to the full episode here, and go catch-up on Green’s first time visiting The Big Swing.

The Big Swing is bringing more of the content that you love. Now, in addition to their Wednesday episode, Strip and Coop will be dropping their "Saturday Rewinds" every other week. Each episode will feature a throwback interview with some of their favorite guests

they’ve had on the show. This week they kick off the inaugural "Saturday Rewind" with their 2019 interview with Los Angeles Dodger Cody Bellinger. The NL MVP, and now World Series Champion, discussed if he believes in superstitions and what it’s like to be a superstar athlete in a city full of stars.

Catch the full episode here.

The boys hit the trifecta last week with a trio of guests to talk about all things post-production. Rich Alarcon, Joel High and Sami Posner joined Let's Get Into Entertainment just in time to celebrate the end of production for Tuddy’s new movie, Made in Mexico.

Whether you’re a production buff, film enthusiast, or are in the process of producing your own project— this is the episode for you. They talk about everything from color correction to music mixing, and even about how hands-on you should be.

It’s an episode that you don’t wanna miss if you’re looking to get into filmmaking.

Listen here for the full episode.

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