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Weekly Update - October 19, 2020

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

This week fans of The Big Swing were in for a treat with Strip and Coop reuniting for an episode that we have all been waiting for. Ross let us in on what the day was like when he got the call that he was no longer a Los Angeles Dodger.

As sports fans, you here about players getting traded all time but you never really think about it from the perspective of the players, or what they might actually go through. This episode really gives us just that, as we hear the about the emotions that not only athletes go through during this process but there families as well. It was a whirlwind of time, as Ross says in the episode, and there's not really a moment to just take it all in.

Once everything settled down, he was able to look forward to the future with his new team and be grateful for the nine years he had with the Dodgers.

That wasn't the only topic of conversation that the guys talked about on the new episode. We get deep into baseball with talks of the Toronto Blue Jays, the MLB playoff situation and how Ross' old team is doing.

Get a bigger picture of Ross' trade, his outlook on his new team the season and more when you listen to the full episode here.

Let's Get Into Entertainment

The "voice of god" graced the podcast last week. Pete Sepenuk, Hollywood's leading voice actor, joined the guys for a talk about his long-standing career in the business. Pete has voice everything from infomercials to anime, and really gets into some of the weirdest gigs he's ever had. And no, it doesn't have to do with his voiceover work with Mark.

The guys also get into their opinions about Cobra Kai, the new Netflix spin-off of the classic 1980s movie, Karate Kid.

Listen here for the full talk.

Jam Street Media's Must Reads of the Week

Each week we put together tips that have helped us build our podcast network. Whether it be social media, remote audio recording, or writing your podcast descriptions there is always a chance that you'll face a bump in the road. Below is a compilation of some our most helpful articles written by some of the folks here at Jam Street.

Big things are happening this fall. So, stay up to date on the latest from Jam Street Media. Follow us on social media for news about new launches, new episodes, and great content.

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