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Weekly Update - Feb 1, 2021

The Big Swing with Strip and Coop

After the passing of MLB legend Hank Aaron, Strip and Coop paid their respects to the former Atlanta Brave by reminiscing about his long standing career.

While Strip never got a chance to meet him, he did bring up his 23-year career to which he led the league in home runs four times and talked about the amazing feat he overcame while chasing the home run record in the deep south, as a black man in the 1950s.

The boys also hit on an interesting topic in sports that really the rest of us would not even think of- taxes. Did you know that a game check gets taxed for the city the athlete plays in, or that a state’s tax can drastically alter how much money they make in the end? Strip really explains it all for us by breaking down Angels’ third baseman Anthony Rendon’s salary in Texas versus California.

Finally, the boys were joined by Strip’s teammate and longest tenured Blue Jay Ryan Boruki. Boruki was drafted in 2012, made his MLB debut in 2018 and has been on the team the longest than any of his teammates as of late.

The three talked about Boruki’s time coming up in the Blue Jays system, and how it is playing for sold out crowds every season. Plus, with the 2021 season quickly approaching they talked about where the team may play if they can't play in their home city of Toronto.

Listen here for the full episode.

Let’s Get Into Entertainment

Last week, Mark and Tuddy revisited an interview they did with their good friend Mario Lopez. Lopez is a jack-of-all-trades, touching almost every aspect of the entertainment world. Most recently he was seen in Mark’s Christmas Feliz NaviDAD and the reboot of his 90s sitcom Saved By the Bell.

In the episode, the three friends talked about the early goings of Lopez’s career which he began at the age of three. From having an early desire to do print work, driving to 2 ½ hours for an audition, to being on shows like Kids Incorporated, Lopez’s career was busy from the jump.

He also discussed how hard the transition from kid actor to adult actor can be, and that in order to really take advantage of the opportunity that he has he needed to be as diverse as possible.

Listen here for the full interview.

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