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Celebrating Women in Podcasting

Jam Street Media's staff guide to their favorite podcast hosted and produced by women in our industry.

Joe Stone, Director of Operations:

“It’s a short daily news podcast, that’s way more fun to listen to than droning on you hear of most daily news shows. It’s also conversational, balanced in the reporting, and the subjects aren’t too heavy. Nice way to ease into the day.”

If you 10 mins to spare, you might want to check out The Newsworthy podcast. Hosted by Erica Mandy, this is a well-rounded, up-to-date show that tackles stories from politics, to entertainment, to tech and more. They give unbiased opinions about what is going on in today's society, and deliver it in a fast easy to consume manner. Their mission, "To help people ENJOY staying informed with our FAST, FAIR, FUN approach."

Listen here: The Newsworthy and check out its website for more information.

Matty Staudt, Founder & President of Jam Street Media:

“One of the longest running and most popular podcasts. Holly Frey is one of the most important executive Producer's in podcasting.”

Hosted by Holly Frey and Tracy Wilson, Stuff You Missed in History Class bring you some of the greatest stories that your teachers never taught, and also some of the strangest. Wilson is a lover stories, and since 2013 she has focused on telling great stories of the past. She also cohosted the PopStuff pop culture podcast with Holly Frey. Frey is also an executive producer for the HowStuffWorks podcast network. Her true historical passion is fashion from all era.

Listen here: Stuff You Missed in History Class

Vanessa Salas, Community Development:

“One of my favorite podcasts that got me through my college days! Not only does it represent and uplift women, but it encourages them to stay focused and express positivity.”

Hosted by Laura McClellan, The Productive Woman podcast, busy women find the tools they need to manage and navigate their lives.

Listen Here: The Productive Woman Laura McClellan and she's recorded over 300 episodes

Here is her website:

Casey Franco, Head of Branded Content:

“On Being is one of my favorite metaphysical podcasts, and has won a Peabody award in the past.”

Hosted by Krista Tippet On Being answers deep questions on what it means to be a live. What started as a controversial idea for a radio show has evolved into an award winning show has evolved into a search for answers to great questions of meaning in 21st-century lives and at the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts. Krista Tippets is an award winning broadcaster, a National Humanities Medalist and New York Times best selling author.

Listen here: On Being with Krista Tippet

Anthony Silva, Executive Producer:

“She really gives pointers on how to build your career. She started with just a camera, and now has big business for photography. I like her grind and working smarter, not harder attitude. She knows her stuff on how to grow your brand and you as an individual.”

The Goal Digger podcast, hosted by Jenna Kutcher, is a workshop-style podcast that gives you the tips, strategies, and hacks that will help you achieve success in your dream career.

Listen here: The Goal Digger

Monique Nethington, Content Writer:

“Not only has she mastered the art of the tweet, but her football knowledge is off the charts. She’s entertaining, wicked smart, and continuously helps me believe that females can really make a dent in the world of the NFL. Besides, who doesn’t want to listen to a podcast that features a dog.”

Mina Kimes talks about all thing NFL related in the most informed, humorous way possible. With her fearless dog Lenny by her side, she brings on her NFL Insider friends to discuss the top stories circling around the league.

Listen Here: The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny

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