But Joe Rogan Does It

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

If I had a dollar for every new podcaster I work with who says, “But Joe Rogan does it…”, I’d be driving around in that ’79 Firebird I’ve always wanted. . Often when people start podcasting they try to emulate the people they like. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but when you’re new, and trying to edge your way into the crowded world of podcasting, it’s good to take advantage of the things we’ve learned. Follow best practices to ensure you have the best shot at creating a show that can attract and grow an audience. Here are three things I see folks do that are not helping, just because “Joe Rogan does it.”

Extremely Long Podcasts

Very few people have time to listen to a 2-hour podcast. Don’t get me wrong, people will listen to them, but they have to do it in multiple sittings and most of the time never finish. When we think about how long a podcast should be, we should think about when and where people listen to content. I like to keep my shows to 25–45 minutes. This is about the average time it takes to commute to work, or work out at the gym (although we all like to say we’re there for an hour:). Also, editing is vital for any show, and most people who conduct an hour interview could stand to trim it for content, as well as erasing “um’s and ahs.”

Not Putting Episode #’s in Show Titles

The title of your podcast is important real estate when it comes to searching. As more platforms make it easier to search for episodes and Google continues to improve their search capability for podcasts, you need titles that are SEO friendly. Apple has gone as far as telling podcasters not to do this. Episode numbers can and should be added into descriptions via your RSS feed provider.

Talking About Everything Under The Sun

Varied content is a good thing, but when you’re new and finding your audience, simpler and more consistent topics make it easier to stay on point with your content. A lot of people who pitch podcast ideas to me tend to start with shows that hit on a variety of their favorite subjects.. The problem is that when you create a podcast for everyone, you create a podcast for no one. . Focus is key to building a brand, so that in the future you can allow yourself to talk about multiple subjects while keeping your shows interesting.. Tricks that work for successful celebrities with millions of social media followers, don’t work for those of us with hundreds or thousands.

Joe Rogan ROCKS, but don’t use him as an example of how you should build your podcast. Find your niche, follow the guidelines that will help you find an audience, and stay in a lane that will attract new listeners, a lane where you’re the only driver.

This blog article was originally published to Medium.com by Matty Staudt.

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