Branded Podcast Insider: Your Brand is More Than an Image

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A brand is how people identify your business. Not just visually, but in a holistic sense. It could be a sound, logo, color palette, or any other sort of uniquely identifying media. For the audience, it invokes thoughts and feelings about your businesses based on their perceptions and previous engagements.

You may control the imagery and the voice, but it’s entirely up to the audience to determine what your real brand is to them and it may or may not be how you want your business or brand to be perceived. If your brand is poorly looked upon, changing those perceptions may take a significant marketing effort or even a complete rebranding.

In terms of how this applies to podcasts, your branding is just as important. With a podcast, you have one distinct advantage - you literally speak to your audience and control the conversation.

There is more to consider though when branding your podcast. Visually, of course, you have your album art which provides a visual representation of your brand - and that’s very important too - but you also have to think about sound design.

How many of you get transported back in time when you hear your favorite song from High School? How does it make you feel? Good sound design will invoke these same kinds of feelings and memories. Maybe not nostalgia from childhood, but you get what I mean.

Creating Your Sound Identity

And just like you how you wouldn’t want your logo to look the same as any other business, your sound identity should be just as unique. Your intro music, sound bed, breaks, outro, etc, should be used consistently so that when someone hears those sounds, they automatically associate your brand or podcast with it.

While it might be tempting to go dig into some commercial sound library and pull out music and tones you like, don’t.

Our friend, Jeanna Isham over at Dreamr Productions goes over this in more detail about this on a recent episode of the Inside Voice podcast. Also, if you didn’t know, Matty was also on Jeanna’s podcast, Sound in Marketing recently. Take a listen to parts one and two where he discusses how to podcast your brand.


Jet Blue is raising the podcast playing field a few thousand feet. According to a recent press release, it has just struck a deal with Spotify to bring podcasts to its in-flight entertainment. It hasn’t been said if Spotify will be offering their entire library or just select shows.

Adobe debuted #ProjectSoundSeek and demonstrated how it can easily remove ‘umms’ or any other repetitive audio using Adobe Sensei. However, the demonstration piece was very obviously pre-edited to make it easier for the program to find and remove those parts. Still, ummm, this is pretty exciting!


Pic for attention.

If you subscribe to other podcast blogs and newsletters, we get it. Seriously. They are probably in our inbox too. If you get the Podcast Business Journal, you might have seen Matty’s headlining article on there just a week or so ago, and if you didn’t see it yet, check out his, “8 Mistakes to Avoid When You Launch.”


On Life and Land

by John Deere

This podcast is produced as an accompaniment to farm equipment producer, John Deere’s magazine, The Furrow. It’s a light-hearted podcast about rural life, agriculture, and more - right in line with their target audience. The format of the podcast is set up like a talk show with a panel of hosts and guests who talk about pretty much anything that has a connection to the land and each episode runs anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour.

In the most recent episode, they talk about food labels like organic, natural, and GMO-free, what they mean, and their experiences and thoughts about them.

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