Branded Podcast Insider: How to Rise Above the Rest

I read an excerpt from a book recently that discussed how an abundance of choice can paralyze a consumer. Essentially, too much choice gives a consumer too much to consider, inducing stress and anxiety. Many times they just choose not to commit because they are afraid of making the wrong choice or even second guess their decisions afterward. Been there, done that.

Think about when you go to the store and someone, like your spouse or significant other asks you to pick something up for them. Well, maybe they are vague or the normal item is out of stock. Then what? Now you have to decide what the best option is. This scenario is relatable in so many ways and it got me thinking - what about podcasts?

With more than 700,000 podcasts out there, the amount of choice can be pretty overwhelming for someone new to the medium. Where do you possibly begin? Why even consider starting a podcast with that amount of competition to contend with?

That’s a valid question.

Plus, if you are a producer, how can you make your podcast stand out? This argument about dilution - your podcast just getting ‘lost in sauce’ is something we hear often as a primary reason for not wanting to create one.

When money is on the line, as well as reputation, how do you get your podcast to rise head and shoulders above the crowd?

You still need great, consistent, quality content and have to aggressively promote it, but show notes help A LOT.

Wait, what?

Show notes allow you to go into greater detail about each episode and also provides SEO that your audio can’t provide -- making your content more discoverable. You can also repurpose this information on your podcast’s website or blog, which will double your efforts.

Want to get some tips about how to create good show notes, complete with special formatting using markdown techniques? Check out this article from Simplecast.



We screamed when we heard the news too. Well, Matty did anyways. Spotify has curated a shortlist of 13 scary podcasts just in time for Halloween. Listen... only if you dare.


Listen on Spotify

New Podcast App SPKR is Radio for Podcasts

SPKR was created as a new way to discover and listen to podcasts. It debuts today (October 31st) on iOS only (coming to Android later). The app has channels set up in categories, and each channel plays short snippets of podcasts in a live, rolling format. When you hear something you like you can opt to hear the whole episode and subscribe.


Matty recently spoke with Australian podcasting production house BE Media Productions about why podcasts are a great medium for businesses.

And in case you missed it last month, Matty was featured guest in a two-part series on the Sound in Marketing podcast, from Dreamr Productions.

Episode 13 - Part 1

Episode 14 - Part 2

And last but certainly not least!


Product Hunt Radio by Product Hunt

This is a good one for you techies out there. If you are unfamiliar with what Product Hunt does, they are a brand that shares the latest tech products, apps, and services out there through their newsletters and on their active forum website. If you are someone who wants to hear, see, and chat about the latest and greatest out there, this is a great site to bookmark.

In their branded podcasts, they interview tech leaders about their products and services, the issues they face, and how they grew their brands. In their latest episode, host Abadesi Osunsade is joined by Elias Torres, the Co-Founder and CTO of Drift, where he talks about immigrating to the US and building their now 8-figure business in two years.

Take a listen at the player below or over at Product Hunt.

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