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When you think of podcasts, what comes to mind? Is it storytelling? Interviews? Comedy? Well, what about education?

As it turns out, 74% of podcast listeners say that learning is the primary reason they listen to podcasts with entertainment as their second reason. People want to listen and learn.

From an outsider’s point, it sounds dreadfully dull, I know. I mean, who would want purposefully learn something this way. Hear me out, though. This isn’t some self-help cassette tape you listen to in your Camry on your way to the office.

It’s so much better than that.

They are accessible, free, and there is a podcast for just about any subject you can think of. Dating? Yep. Photography? Sure. What about astrophysics? The sky’s the limit! There are even podcasts on how to podcast.

Our time is precious and in short supply. What better way to spend those few minutes you have on your way home or at the gym, than by exercising all that grey matter you have upstairs. Do you even lift, bro?

If you have a favorite podcast that you listen to for professional development, let us know in the comments below or tell us on social media - just tag us and your favorite podcast.

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Daniel Ek (Cropped). Original image by Magnus Höij

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says their success with converting users from ad-supported listening to premium feels too good to be true. Also, Podcast listening on the platform has increased by 39% over the last quarter.

Did you know Deezer does podcasts? In case you didn’t, Engadget reports that Deezer is making their podcast feature more prominent on its app by having its own ‘shows’ tab. Only iOS for now, though.

First, there was Making Obama and then Making Oprah. Now, WEBZ is releasing Making Beyoncé - a three-part series that will be hosted by Jill Hopkins.


Student Podcast PODCAST

I thought I’d stick with the educational podcast theme and give you all something a bit more… educational? This week’s branded podcast is the Student Podcast PODCAST from Listenwise. According to CEO Monica Brady-Myerov and NPR radio veteran, Listenwise is a company that “leverages NPR content and podcasts in the classroom to keep teaching connected to the real world.”

The roughly 8-minute, ad-supported episodes of the Student Podcast PODCAST feature a student podcast as well as interviews with the teachers about the project. There are some tips for those who want to have their students do similar projects. The small bits of student’s work that they feature was really intriguing and left me wanting to hear more. In the episode itself, they don’t mention where to find it, but they do put a link in the episode description however, it goes to their own channel on Spotify.

You can listen to their latest episode at the following link, or in the embedded player below.

Got an idea for a branded podcast for us to feature? Let me know!

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