The Branded Podcast Insider: Podcast Ad Blockers are Coming

Ad avoiders, eh? Who on earth avoids ads? This writer gladly pays money every month to Google for a music subscription that he rarely uses just to avoid ads on YouTube. Well, as it turns out, some clever guy is developing an ad blocker for podcasts. Uh oh. Using the same technology as Shazam, it identifies advertisements through a combination of machine learning, speech recognition, and crowdsourcing. However, it doesn’t work very well and has issues picking out native advertisements promoted by the host. AND frequently mistakes rap music for ads too apparently. Not sure how the industry would work around it but it's only a matter of time before they get that dialed in. Until then...

Branded podcasts are an effective means of advertising and a powerful addition to the marketing mix, generating real cut-through with audiences - particularly ad avoiders.”

That was a quote taken from a recent BBC study.

They said that even with ad avoiders, branding on podcasts still cut through beating memory coding, engagement, and emotional intensity on TV benchmarks by at least 22%.

Even crazier still, most podcast listeners (94%) are usually engaged in other activities while listening - which also boosted their engagement and ability to remember the podcast.

If you’re a bit of a data nerd like me and want to dig into the stats some more, you can find the study here.

What else is new?

Neilsen has released what they call the “Neilsen Podcast Brand Effect.” It’s a tool to help brands measure the impact of their podcast advertising. According to the press release, studies have shown that in the US, 57% of podcast ads have outperformed video preroll ads in purchase intent. And furthermore, 70% of those polled said that these ads made them aware of a product or service.

Not Just Another Poll

DiscoverPods recently released its 2019 Podcast Trends Report and it has some good info but with one big caveat. Those polled were self-selected from various online podcasting groups. Meaning it’s not a cross-section of the public at large but from those who regularly consume podcasts.

So if you’re looking for stats about how much rabid podcast fans listen to podcasts (22hrs a week for 22.4%), how many they subscribe to (27% subscribe to 50+), or if they spend more time on podcasts vs social media (59%), check it out.

Jam Street Media’s



I know I’m probably a little late getting on the Hackable boat, but I discovered it today and I wanted to share it with those of you who may have been in the dark like me. This incredibly entertaining tech podcast is an original podcast produced by internet security stalwart McAfee. Its sole purpose is educating consumers about the many unseen risks associated with being online.

It’s a lot more entertaining then it sounds, TRUST ME. It's also a great example of providing value to listeners and potential customers (content marketing).

In the latest episode (link below), host Geoff Siskind and cybersecurity expert Bruce Snell dig into how a wireless mouse could be easily hacked -- and even eerily demonstrate it for listeners. And it wasn’t like the hacker just took control of the mouse, but instead were able to inject code into the victim's (Siskind’s) computer - sending all the saved browser passwords to the hacker in a text file. It really freaked him out (and me honestly). Now he has to change all of his passwords. Crazy, right?

My wife, who is not a techie by any means, actually enjoyed listening to this one as well. They do a great job of storytelling and capturing the listener's attention right from the very start. Not only that, the information they shared was valuable. I’m easily placing this one in my top 10 favorite podcasts. The episodes are roughly thirty minutes in length and are released every two weeks.

Check it out here or listen below.

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